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100% Safe & Effective Treatment

Nagayu CO2 hydrotherapy is the most powerful spa treatment that stimulates the dog's circulatory system. It is achieved through the use of carbonic acid and activates cellular metabolism and accelerates the process of cell regeneration. With couple session of CO2 shower, various skin problems may be improved.





CO2 Spa Treatment

Ways to Use Nagayu CO2 Tablet


If the dog's coat get very greasy quickly, you can use a towel to soak up CO2 spa, and wipe it on skin and coat for daily care.


You can dissolve one tablet in spray bottle and apply on the problem area daily. But do use the CO2 spa spray within 12 hours for best result.


After rinsing off shampoo, place one CO2 tablet into the shower head and rinse it like regular shower. It will give you a much deeper cleansing result than regular water, applies moisturizing supplement on skin & coat at the same time.


Place one tablet for every 30 liters of water while having your pet in the tub. Soaking in a Nagayu spa allows more CO2 enters into the body and creates metabolism boost, provide faster recovery from illness and wound.

How CO2 Hydrotherapy Speed Up Recovery?

When using CO2 spa, the carbonic acid within penetrates through the skin and enters into blood vessels.

Once carbonic acid enters, it expends blood vessels and elevates blood flows.

Carbonic acid also lower blood's pH level, resulting more oxygen released from hemoglobin proteins(Bohr Effect).

More nutrients and oxygen is carry through the blood, enhancing circular system and speed up cell regeneration.